Hansheng Hardware is a one stop solution center which founded in 1979 by Mr.SP Khoo, who started his first hardware business in Kuala Lumpur (Salak South Garden). After a year with his willpower and determination, he began to work hard on expanding his company business and looking for opportunity to provide more services and supplies for the public requirement. After all, with his great leadership our company business improved with a excellent result and we gained trust and support from the public. Our shop offer a wide range of products such as hardware, machinery, plumbling , household products and paints supplies. Carrying reputable brands such as Bosch , Mocha , Stanley , Nippon, Dulux and more. We serve different group of customer like local construction rms, interior designers and home owners. We are committed to sell superior quality brands and products, while remaining competitive with prices. From picking the right pieces, to purchasing, and delivery, we will provide the premium service to customers.


Our Address

Address : A7,A8 & A9, JALAN TUANKU 1,
57100Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Our Email

Email : hanshengsb@gmail.com

Our Contacts

Telephone : 0379826587

Fax : 0379812174